In 2017, the Office of Pretrial Services and the District Attorney’s Office implemented a misdemeanor diversion program under the Santa Clara County Community Accountability Program. The goals and purposes of the Santa Clara County Community Accountability Program are to: 

  • Reduce County costs for court proceedings and incarceration.
  • Ensure accountability by imposing, where appropriate, requirements for community service.
  • Reduce recidivism by providing a Cognitive Behavior Theory class.
  • Allow first-time offenders to avoid collateral consequences.

To be successful, the client must do community service, attend a Cognitive Behavior Theory class, pay restitution (if necessary), and must remain crime free for four months.  If a person successfully completes the program, charges will not be filed. Some of the qualifying misdemeanor offenses include:  petty theft, vandalism, trespassing, receiving stolen property, littering, and shoplifting. 

Eligibility and Referral Process

Eligibility for this diversion program is determined by the District Attorney’s Office and all clients must be referred by the District Attorney’s Office. 

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